The Home Depot

The Home Depot team, headquartered here in Atlanta, came to us seeking help with various aspects of their native app experiences for both iOS and Android. The core areas of improvement were their product information page and the post-transaction experience.  



Task: Improve the product info page and post-purchase experience

Format: iOS and Android App

Duration: 5 months


Product Information Page (PIP)

As the complete inventory of Home Depot spans everything from potting soil to concrete, it was imperative to consider a modular structure for all PIPs. This was done to ensure a harmonious experience between products with or without an in-store pick up option, those with reviews and those without, etc.


Chat with an Expert

Features like instant message chats with an expert were also designed for. This allows a user to have all of their questions answered by the product's brand representative, which in turn diminishes the doubt or confusion that often hurts conversion.


(Completed while employed at Y Media Labs)